Whats in my pack - Summer Trail running edition

 Gaining some exposer on the Arvigrat in central Switzerland (Photo: M.Kelly)

Gaining some exposer on the Arvigrat in central Switzerland (Photo: M.Kelly)

Welcome to a new What is in my pack series, over the last few months I’ve really been getting in to trail and mountain running. So I thought it would only bee fitting to do a what is in my trail running pack summer edition. 

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1.    Backpack, this is a 12L trial pack, its an ok pack compact light and comfortable and dose the job for summer runs. I found it in an outlet super cheep. 

2.     Kailas Visor – I nearly always wear either a hat or a visor when im out running, two reasons. 1 it keeps my hair out of my face, 2 it helps keep the sun out of my eyes. 

3.    First aid kit, this is just a small TatNak pouch, which I kited out myself . (see below) 

4.    Hydro pack. I like to carry at least 2x 250millileters of water with me and on a hot day ill add additional 500ml flask. Big fan of these soft flask as they don’t take-up much room in your pack and are super light and reusable. 

5.    ClimbOn Sunscreen, always carry a small tub of sunscreen with me, I’ve been out to many times running and burnt my face raw because I forgot the sunscreen. ClimbOn sunscreen is 30spf and it 100% plant based and organic. You can even eat it! 

6.    Zeal Optics Big Timber,  the shade has an automatic polarized photochromic lens, which adjusts to different light condition. It is a super sturdy shade well built and is comfortable to wear of extended periods of time.

7.    Food wise, it varies completely on what I am doing and where I am running. If its only a short training mountain run 10 – 15km, I usually only carry 2 energy gels incase of an emergency, such as my sugar level dropping. Otherwise I carry more nuts and natural foods. On longer runs I would take a sandwich or burrito of such as lunch.


8.    Kailas wind breaker, this is an essential on any mountain run to keep the wind off when on an exposed ride or just for an extra bit of warmth when taking a quick brake. 

9.    While running comfort is key, I personally really like the SAXX Kenetic boxer brief, as they are quick drying, moisture-wicking and semi compression. However my favourite feature is the Ballpark pouch, which is a 3D hammock shaped pouch the keeps everything in place, thanks to mesh panels that prevent skin against skin friction, for chafe free comfort. 

10.    Kailas trail shorts, I’m a big fan of short shorts for trail running, allowing for air to keep my quads cool while moving fast in the mountains. These are quick drying and have a mesh liner for extra comfort and support on the inside

11.    Kailas active Tee, this is my go to, it is moisture wicking and quick drying, with a semi louse fit, it allows for optimal range of movement when running and moving fast in the mountains. 

12.    Grivel Buff, this is an essential always in my packs, summer and winter. For example if the wind pick up and I need to keep my ears warm or the sun of my head, the buff is my goto. 

 Running along the Arvigrat in central Switzerland (Photo: M.Kelly)

Running along the Arvigrat in central Switzerland (Photo: M.Kelly)

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