April and May, No rest for the broken....

The last week of March was a game changer for me, working long days and training twice a day feeling super fit. I found myself on a long board cursing down hill relaxing taking in the evening sun.  For some reason that night something felt different, I felt unsure. But I went for it any way to wined down after an intense day at the office, only to find myself 3/4th of the way down the hill doing 18mph with a speed wobble, normally I would slowly brake with one foot. But I was wrong after 5 huge lunges I find myself flying through the air, going face first down the tarmac, saying to my self while in the air “don’t hit my head, don’t hit my head”. I was lucky I didn’t hit my head, but instead put most of the impact on my left wrist….. not to mention all the deep road rash on my arms hip and knees (I was wearing two cotes, which ended up looking like an exploded chicken). This whole scenario landed me in the emergency room as my wrist went numb, after siting around for 3 hours Matty the legend who drove me to A & E and hung out with me collected two pizzas for us to tuck into :) Then another 3 hours went by, and I got an x-ray which didn’t show any brakes, I thought to myself how lucky I was and I’d be back climbing in 4 weeks once the swelling went down the cuts healed. However the day after the accident I realized I didn’t have any power in my left had, tasks suck as opening an already open jam jar became a struggle, this went on for 3 weeks.

During those 3 weeks I didn’t train (pull-ups, pushups and hangboarding), but I compensated by walking a minimum of 10 miles a day. At this stage in my recovery my wrist still aching. At Easter I thought I would go to get a second opinion from my DR in Switzerland, after a few checks he sent me straight for an MRI and a CT scan. A day went by and I was thrown another bombshell. The scans revealed I had torn a piece of bone and a small tendon in the base of my palm off. I was sent to get my arm put in plaster for another 4 weeks.

Some where over the UK 

The flatter side of Switzerland

Funny thing this whole recovery business. Week 8 after my accident I got my cast removed by the hand specialist who told me I had another 12 weeks of recovery to go. That meant recovery until August! As an addition to the tear and the brake I bruised all the floating bones in my wrist to the core (which takes longer to heal than a fracture)

As much as it sucks to be injured, life throws things at you, good and bad. I’ve learnt many different ways to cope with feeling down about not being able to do the things I love. I’ve spent time with friends, family, met new people and gone to many places. Life doesn’t stop giving even when it feels like the world is caving in. Living in the moment gets me by just fine.

Some of my adventures while in plaster were, hiking up the north snowy ridge of Tryfan and light one handed slab climbing (it felt so good to move after 3 weeks of forced rest). I also squeezed in the one random midnight adventure aurora hunting.

taking in the last bit of snow up in Ogwen North Wales (photo: Dan E)

Sunset slab climbing up at Penmaenbach in North Wales

sunset view form Penmaenbach in North Wales

Wee evening paddle board session on Llyn padarn

interesting cloud formations in the night skys.

Now it’s May and recovery is going well, light physio exercises, and gently easing back in to climbing. I successfully finished year 2 of my product design degree, and as I still need to take it easy on my wrist I went for a body board session at Surf Snowdonia as a reward to my self! All I can say it was epic and y’all need to check it out!!

Scoping out the perfect line....

On Monday I am Alps bound, for an epic climbing / alpine adventure!! I will be updating daily through snapchat! (Add me at: mit3334)  

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