Welsh winter hit!

The Welsh Winter is always a quick hit! When the temps drop, the waterfalls freeze and the snow falls. Its always an interesting time during January and February time in Wales as all winter climbers are monitoring conditions (also known as con’nes) once it drops and freezes up every one grabs there gear and runs for the hills. This was the case for myself and Ian @mountain-lifestyle we packed our bags and headed fro the hills, the conditions read cold, 60/70 mph wind gusts and white out conditions. We ended up snagging an ascent of Idwal stream, however as there where already 6 people in front of us on the icefall we decided to bypass the crowds and move fast and light so we did a solo accent. With temps well below freezing we had to keep moving to dusty warm, everything froze!!

 Definitely a spot cold! 

Definitely a spot cold! 


After checking out some other falls during our decent we climbed the first pitch of Idwal steps, and as the sun was already setting and there was a party above us we decided to bale from the first pitch and abb off.


Day two:

A day out with Nick, we went for a full solo accent of Idwal steps on the left side, and a ramble up on the upper waterfalls. We ended up making the most of the empty ice around, getting as much mileage in as possible. As the day went on the temperature started to rise and the ice started to get softer, it was like hitting butter. When each pick penetrated the ice it sunk in and stuck like glue.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.30.22.png

What an epic few days, cheers Ian and Nick! 

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