February / March adventures - finding the balance

February was a hectic month for me , with university, work placement, training and fitting many adventure in around that. finding the balance whether it is to sleep an hour less to get up early to go on an adventure go climbing or just training its all worth it! Having been doing a 9-5 desk job for the past 6 weeks I have come to the realisation that being stationary all day is definitely not my cup of tea. Like Will Gadd once said “ An object in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest” 

Over the past month working it showed me that trying to make the most of every day and every free moment is what counts, weather that is driving in to the mountains looking for snow in the middle of the night. Or even after them long nights out dancing and throwing down shapes on the dance floor, getting up after only a few hours sleep on your day off before the sun rises and get in to the mountains breathing fresh air in to my lungs and making my hart pump to go skiing, climbing or running. Its days like these which keep me on track.

Below is a collections of photos and a video from this months adventures from the city life to mountain lifestyle! 

Classic sun rise adventures in North Wales 

Classic evening training session at the SDC wall. Photo: Ian M

Midnight skate on the hunt for snow in the hills Photo: Enfys 

 powered by fig on my epic weekend ski, climb and run adventure

powered by fig on my epic weekend ski, climb and run adventure

Not much snow in the valleys of Ogwan with the clouds rolling in over tryfan.

Welsh Ski mountnering at its finest

More total white out adventures up in the Carneedd dafydd. 

Definitely bringing the summer vibes back to Wales on a cold cloudy day. 

Quick weekend trip down to the capital. London 

Quick evening ruin around llyn Idwel 

The snowdon lady out as its finest.

Random midnight adventure up in Ogwen, in searching for the stars. 

Orion's belt on the right of Tryfan on an evening stroll with the stars.

Some cool projects coming up, watch the space!

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