What is in my pack: Alpine climbing, part two of two

What’s in my pack: Alpine climbing, part two. Here is an insight in to how I layer up for my alpine climbing endeavors. I chose layering up with lots of thin layer rather than two big layers for better climate control. These are my favorite essentials.  

1. Kailas Extreme Seamless Hard Shell:  This is my outer layer which is also breathable, with filtertech fabric.

2. Kailas Poartech Wind Proof Soft Shell: I use this as a mid-layer. On dry days I don’t wear the Hard Shell.

3. Kailas Ultralight Primaloft Jacket: This is my insulating layer which fits under the everything else.

4. Kailas Fleece Jacket: This is what goes over my base layer and is my second layer.

5. Breathable Bass Layer: This is the first part of my layering system, and is the most breathable. It make sure I don’t overheat when moving around in the mountains.

6. Gor-tex Hard Shell Pants: The outer layer protecting my legs.

7. Softshell Pants: These go under the hard shell. In summer I use this without the hard-shell.

8. Breathable Base Layer Tights: The first part of my layering system for my legs, this is the base of all layers. From here I can build up without an issue.

9. Two sets of gloves: The big set are gor-tex and primaloft insulated for the cold snowy icy days. The other small gloves are windstop and are used on warmer days, and dry conditions. Also I find when the doing lots of technical rope work or hard mix climbing I prefer the smaller thinner glove.

10. Energy gels and Figbars: When out in the mountains I pick my food strategically to save weight and space. When moving fast and light through the mountains I pack 2 GU energy gels and some GU chews also some Natures bakery FigBars to snack on in-between. Nuts and dried fruit are also good to snack on thought the day.

11. Canon S120: This snaps reasonable good photos, and shoots pretty good video.

12. Headtorch: This is definitely an essential piece of any alpine climbing kit. This one uses 3 AA batteries, compare to rechargeable ones when it runs out you can just change the batteries. I always keep spare in my first aid kit just incase.

13. Small firstaid kit: Slways carrying the essentials for emergency situations is important. From blanket to plasters and bandages.  

14. Zeal Optic’s sunglasses: Snapshot, great glasses that are super durable, for being thrown around in a pack. I’m always wearing sunglasses when I’m walking/climbing on a glacier.

15. Watch: I always carry a watch with an altimeter and a barometer.

16. Grivel Buff: This is super versatile for wearing under my helmet keeping my ears warm and protecting my nose and mouth in the crazy weather days.

17. 750cl water bottle: I like to always carry a big bottle as I sweat a lot, so I don't dehydrate.

18. Kailas Guofu 28L pack: I use a variety of different alpine climbing packs, depending on how long I’m going for and what I’m doing. They range from 18L for moving fast and light on my own to a 45L for a multi day climb. However the 28L pack is my go to all-rounder of choice.

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