What’s in my pack, single pitch Sport Climbing.

This post is about what I take for a classic day sport climbing at the crag, in places such as the Pyrenees South of France or El Chorro in Spain.  This will explain the essentials I always carry with me and why. Also it will look at what I might wear for such a days bolt clipping at the caging.


  1. Metolius Bravo Key lock quick draws. I usually always carry between 14 – 20 draws, as terrain and route length can vary vastly. 
  2. Evolv Addict slipper, I am a big fan of warming up in a comfy shoe that I can wear all day. The addict is also very good on slabs with its flat profile. 
  3. Evolv shaman 2.0, This is my go-to shoe for hard sport climbing. It has an aggressive profile which is good for steep climbing more than vertical. This shoes really suits my style of climbing very well.
  4. Natures bakery Fig bar’s, I always carry a few figbars in my bag they are great for a snack in-between, also they come gluten free, vegan and are verified non GMO. 
  5. Metolius 3/4th Grip gloves, I belay a lot and with these beauties, they save the day and the skin on my hands when on belay duty.   
  6. Grivel Twin gate carabiner with a grigri 2 belay device with assisted braking, and a Twin gate as it’s the safest biner on the market.
  7. Grivel Twin gate quick draw, this is what I put up at the lower off on a project if i'm working it on top rope, to not wear out the lower off.  
  8. Grivel Twin gate adjustable lanyard, 
  9. Metolius bravo biner, screw gates are always handy when lowering off, threading a belay lower off. 
  10. Metolius comp harness, this is my go to harness. it is absolutely boom proof, Lightweight with 4 super strong gear loops. 
  11. Bellagels belay glasses, definitely a neck saver. 
  12. ClimbOn bar and sunscreen and finger tape, ClimbOn Bar and sunscreen are the best on the market and all 100% food grade.
  13. Warm up kit is made up of a tera band and Metolius GripSaver ball to warm up and warm down my fingers, this is important especially on them crisp cold winter days. 
  14. Chalk bag and chalk, My go to chalk is Metolius Power chalk, it has a drying agent in it, which I like as I get very sweaty hands. 
  15. Sterling 70m nano, this is a great all round rope, super durable and light. 

16) Zeal Optic Ace sunglasses, which are polarized and Biodegradable

17) Kailas Quick Dry singlet good for hot summers day. 

18) Kailas Rock and road shorts when I want to get my legs out for a tan 

19) Kailas 9a climbing pants, stretchy and light water. Super comfortable to wear under a harness 

20) Kailas Polartec power dry tee, this tee is grate for them hot days, it is designed to keep your skin dry when you sweat, ideal for a hot summer's day.

21) Kailas Hoodie

22) Kailas Men’s 3L Hard shell, 100% water proof, always good to carry on with me as you never know when a freak storm can move in, especially at a mountain crag.

23) Kailas Men’s rock climbing jacket, which is windproof and super flexible.

24) Kailas Ultra lightweight Down jacket, this is 800fill goose down, super compressible, and fits nicely in to the bottom of my pack and is super light weight. 

(Not pictured)

25) Kailas Guofu 28L rucksack, this is a light weight pack, with its roll top closure system it allows to be packed down easily. Also its super abrasion resistant thanks to Cordura fabric, which is super hard wearing grate to be thrown around at the crag. 

26) Metolius ropemaster rope bag. Always carry a rope bag with a tarp to protect my rope form dirt and grit, this will increases the life of the rope. 

27) Hydrapak SoftFlask 750ml, I usually carry at least one 750ml SoftFlask's with me for hydration. they are super light wight and packable. Also as they are soft and flexible I have no problem squeezing them in even when my pack if full to the brim.

28) Small first aid kit, Such as the Ultralight/ watertight 7 form Adventure medical kit. I also add a small headlamp, to avoid them steep dark hike outs under only the light of your phone.